What’s Fashion to You?

I will like to make an official introduction, I am Annie, the blogger who disturbs a whole lot with questions. I decided to get opinions of what fashion means to different individuals. I decided to do this because there is so much depth to fashion. Fashion is not only all about fabrics, trends, styles, make up. There are various specialised areas in fashion like fashion law but apart from the special areas, fashion can be personalised to suit an individual.

I got amazing responses from different individuals on what fashion is to them:

Toyosi(law student/entrepreneur) – fashion is a language to me.

Tobi(fashion designer/blogger)- fashion is a path to achieve self-sustainability and great wealth(business), an industry that can empower youths for Africa (social reform tools), as a field where creativity can be fulfilled(personal).

Tabitha (engineering student)- I wake up, I pick an outfit, I  like it, that’s fashion.

Tosin(make up artist) – fashion defines a person

Ife (nail artist)-  it is a lifestyle, a confidence booster and it makes me happy.

Stitch(fashion entrepreneur)- BeYond the do’ s and don’ts; fashion is the full expression in colours, prints, styling and cuts.
The responses I got are all interesting. Toyosi sees fashion as a means of communication, Tabitha has the opinion that her daily choice of picking an put it is fashion, Fashion makes Ife happy. Tosin believes the definition Tobi has a formal view about fashion, he sees fashion to be an opportunity,  a source of empowerment  and a room for expression.  Stitch has the opinion that fashion is about the expression of art in style. They all have different opinions but the opinions given are their personal opinions.
Personally, I believe fashion is you versus yourself. This means that every decision you make in regards to fashion is personal and should not be influenced. You should dress according to your preference and not according to another person’s preference. Fashion is personal. So ask yourself what’s Fashion to You?

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