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What we Offer

From Conception to Success, We’ve Got You Covered. 

In the world of fashion, it’s not just about the stitches and designs; it’s about navigating the intricate tapestry of international legal and business landscapes. 

We don’t just understand the legal nuances; we comprehend the heartbeat of the fashion industry. From intellectual property protection to contractual intricacies, we navigate the industry’s unique challenges, fostering a legal environment conducive to your brand’s creative expression.

Company Plan

Access the Company Plan which provides your organization with:

  1. Intellectual Property Portfolio Development and Protection specifically Trademark Registration, Patent and Industrial Design Registration
  2. Compliance Regulation
  3. Contract Review and Drafting
  4. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  5. Legal and Business Advisory

Interested in having us as a strategic partner, Access our offering for brands within Nigeria here. International brands Offering here. 

Our Initiatives

The Creative Legal Clinic

The Creative Legal Clinic is a member of the UN Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network. This is a legal & business development consultation program hosted by The Africa Fashion Law. The consultation cuts across: business structuring, brand protection, intellectual property protection, transaction negotiation, business development & planning business and finance laws and investment laws. It is an initiative developed to largely be delivered in collaborations with Organisations that have the aim of supporting creatives by providing: access to business support and funding access to market.

The Fashion Law Podcast

The Fashion Law Podcast is an educational initiative by the Africa Fashion Law, that aims to provide business insights and legal solutions to support fashion creatives through conversations with amazing individuals that have a vast experience in the fashion industry in Africa and the globe. This is broadcasted through The Africa Fashion Law Youtube Channel and The Podcast Channel


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