The Africa Fashion Industry in the 21st Century.

I can be very pessimistic about certain matters, especially when such matter is related to Nigeria. Hey, I am proudly Nigerian and I love my country. I had the fear at some point in my life that my country had nothing to offer and I created what I called the “best plan”, get my degree and abandon the country. Please don’t judge me, my fellow Nigerians might understand that perspective.
In recent times, I have been lost in thought on the development of various industries in Africa, in Nigeria. I attended a conference last week and all I could see and hear from the speakers was growth. Nigeria was not what it was at the time when they were teenagers, they made Nigeria better and they are still making Nigeria better.
Nigeria has come pretty far, we are no longer in the era, where industries (like the fashion industry) are not appreciated. I can remember a fashion event I attended in 2015, The Fashion Insider,  Ejiro Amos Tafiri shared her story and she stated that when she informed her parents of her intention to study fashion, her parents didn’t find it acceptable, because fashion was not a “course” in the sense that it was not like engineering, law,medicine and so on.  I am sure it might have been weird at that time.  Now Ejiro Amos Tafiri is one of the best designers, not only in Nigeria but in Africa.
It is amazing  that so much change has occurred in the various industries and more industries are being developed. Let’s analyse the music industry, before D’banj, Two face and P-square came into the limelight. The major artistes were foreign, when I turned eight, all I danced to was 50 cents songs “go, go, go shorty it’s your birthday.”  Today the Nigerian Industry is appreciated locally and globally.
Nigeria has come really far. It is a fact that the country has a lot of problems, one thing people don’t realise is that, problems are basically opportunities. A problem is an opportunity to offer solutions which brings about growth.
In Africa, so many individuals keep expressing their creativity. The Africa fashion is now appreciated internationally unlike in the past times.
We now have fashion stylists, fashion designers, fashion photographers, fashion bloggers and my favourite, fashion lawyers, we have our very own Fashion/Entertainment Lawyer, Uduak Oduok. Fashion law is a recent development in the legal space and Nigeria already has a fashion lawyer. Our nation truly is a nation of great people.
I believe the fashion industry is getting to the point where the annual revenues in the image below will be made and  this will bring about growth in the economy and in the country.
Great/developed nations like America, Japan, China, England, Canada, France grew as a result of the individuals that made the best use of the problems which affected the nation. Thus, the individuals created new  inventions that prompted the growth of the various nations.
It is intriguing that various industries in Nigeria are developing rapidly especially the fashion industry. This signifies progress and potential of a great nation and we are almost there. Let us build the industries in Africa. Let us build Nigeria.
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