Entertainment Law isn’t Fashion Law…

 I have been getting a lot of questions on fashion law and entertainment law. This article is for my readers to understand the difference between entertainment law and  fashion law. After reading this article if you have a contrary opinion, kindly drop a comment and I will reply.

I will start from the basis, what is fashion and entertainment?
Fashion is the make or form of anything; style, the shape, appearance or mode of structure; pattern, model; workmanship.
Entertainment is an activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion,amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively as in watching opera or a movie or actively as in games.
You might say a fashion show is entertaining, well the concept of fashion is deeper than “Fashion shows”. Let’s go deeper and consider what fashion and entertainment law entails.

Fashion law entails the legal protection of fashion brand owners, fashion houses, designers, modelling agencies and both publicly and private trades companies and retailers in the fashion industry in a wide range of all aspects of their business. This includes licensing agreements, sales agreements, distribution agreements, merger and acquisition, registration and protection of trademarks, copyright, patents, investment agreement and where necessary litigation.

Entertainment Law covers an area of law which involves media of all types(TV, films, music, publishing, advertising,internet&need media) and stretches over various fields including corporate, finance, intellectual property, property and privacy. The practice of entertainment law often involved questions related to employment law, labour law, bankruptcy law, immigration, securities, defamation, tax law, international laws and so on. In simple terms, fashion law caters for the fashion industry. While entertainment law caters for the entertainment industry.

It is funny how some individuals don’t see  the importance of fashion law in the emerging fashion industry. Before the early 20’s, the Nigerian entertainment industry was not a big deal at all, people preferred patronising the foreign entertainment industry. In the present time, the entertainment industry is appreciated more all though there are still challenges.

The fashion industry is fast growing. Nigeria is evolving towards appreciating creativity in Fashion, art and so on. Two out of five Nigerian youth is a fashion designer/photographer/stylist/blogger and so on.

According to the Lagos State Cordinator of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN), the nation’s fashion industry is worth about 10 billion dollars (1.5 trillion naira). NAN reports that the textile, garment and footwear subsector accounts for 0.47 per cent (380 billion Naira) of Nigeria’s debased gross domestic product. 

Apart from Nigeria, Other Africa countries have shown eagerness to develop the fashion industry. It is a fact that efforts have been frustrated by dearth of infrastructure, capital and Asia’s domination of the industry globally. However, with the cost of production rising in China, Africa has a great opportunity to reclaim the industry.

Hey, you might ask where does fashion law come in? “Hollup” This industry needs a defined structure. It also requires laws which can cater for the industry.

We are in a creative era, a lot of youths are fashion geeks. In some years, this industry will be among the largest industries in Nigeria. Thus, laws that  can cater for this industry needs to be created. Let us create a better future.

Please don’t have a misconception, fashion law is needed as much as entertainment law is needed.



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