HLFDW experience: The fashion business series review.

October definitely ended in an amazing way, I had the privilege to attend the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017. It took place in one of the most beautiful locations in Nigeria. If you have not been to Eko Atlantic in Lagos, pack your bags *asap*, you need to experience the beauty.

The Fashion Week was for four days but as a knowledge junkie I was at the Fashion Business Series from day two to day four. The business series gave me crazy chills, at the end of each day I felt extra smart.

The Fashion Business Series was primarily about the future of fashion in relations to technology and the economy.   I will love to give you a load down of all the knowledge I got from Sissi Johnson, Asiyami Gold, Mark Van Iterson,  Sara Maino, Cosmas Maduka, Omoyemi Akerele, Masimba Biriwasha, Tony Elemelu, Obi, Mode Aderinokun and the other amazing speakers but as you know nothing comes for free. I am just joking, don’t panic.
I had the privilege to listen to Cosmas Maduka, CEO Coscharis Automobile Company. This man is too inspiring. From nothing he has built an empire. I can recall him saying “I sold motor parts, then motorcycles… then cars.”  He talked about the benefit of building a business and the benefits of creating partnerships.
Quick question: Do you have an idea that you feel will build our country? If your answer is yes then please start no matter how small, start now and on the long run the value of your service will be appreciated. Please don’t be discouraged if you have little or no money. Cosmas Maduka started small and now he has an empire. You can equally have your own empire.
The next speaker was Mark Van Iterson, you know Heineken right? Mark is the brains behind every new innovative design of the brand. He asked a very vital question during his session: “is technology harmful or useful?”  Technology can be very useful. For instance, Social media has paved the way and it has made the world smaller. He talked about the numerous benefits of social media.
Quick question: what have you been using your social media accounts for? To post about all your relationships or to sell your product or service? Please after reading this article take it personal and start promoting your service/products online.
I definitely had a knowledge filled day, next was the beautiful Sissi Johnson. I hope we all know what it me as to code because the future is all tech and codes.. Sissi talked about  the importance of being computer savvy. My people, the future of the world is technology. If you don’t know anything about computers. Please start reading, take computer related courses and help your business.
She also talked about the value of branding and the importance of social media.
Please Learn how to package your yourself, your product and your company. She stated that even if an individual has a single like on Instagram/Facebook. That single like is a market opportunity, an opportunity to influence. Use the opportunity you have wisely.
It was a long day but I gained a lot of knowledge from all the speakers from day one; Cosmas Maduka, Asiyami Gold, Omoyemi Akerele, Sissi Johnson, Obi and Mode Aderinokun.
Day one was too amazing I couldn’t miss day two for anything. Masimba Biriwasha took us on how to pitch to investors and how to properly plan a business applying the following:  key partners, key activities, value proposition, key resources, cost structure,channel, revenue stream and the customers segment. He conducted various exercises. The first exercise was for everyone to draw an image representing their ideas. This is very vital as it provides clarity.
I definitely gained a whole lot from Masimiba and his team at the end of day two. The third day was short and impactful, Tony Elemelu showed up, Vogue Italia was present, there was a practical session on pitching to investors and yeah there was a lot of gist on modest fashion.
My highlight for day three was Tony Elemelu and he asked a question which I believe is very valuable and we all need pay heed to this question: “what is succes to you?” He said “…to an individual success might mean becoming a CEO, to another it might mean working in a particular company.”  Give success a personal definition and work with that definition.
The HLFDW fashion business series made my October swell, knowledge is power and wealth, I definitely gained a substantial amount of knowledge in three days. I hope you have been able to gain knowledge for this post. Please with the little I have shared make an action today and build your fashion business/business. Your effort/action will move our country forward.

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