The AFL Review- The GTB fashion weekend 2017

Welcome to Lagos, the city of opportunities, the center of excellence, the innovative city. I am so proud to be African, to be Nigerian. It is amazing that we are gradually stepping into the future..

The Guarantee Trust Bank fashion weekend took place on the 11th and 12th of November. It felt as if I was on the streets of London but I was at the landmark event center Victoria Island. GTB definitely transformed the landmark event center and they brought the streets of London to Lagos, Nigeria .
.kudos to  the guarantee trust bank.

The Fashion weekend comprised of a fashion sales exhibition,  a fashion masterclass and a fashion show. I stepped into the event centre with high expectations and I was not disappointed  at all. There were various merchants  from textile merchants, to food merchants, to fashion retailers…I wish I could go back in time…just to experience the beauty again. Well I guess I will just look forward to the 2019 fashion weekend.

The masterclass was a bulk load of knowledge from various experts. Personally I enjoyed the class by Giles Deacon, i know you are wondering, who Giles Deacon? Hey…he is a big big deal… a very big deal… he is one of the best designers in the world and I was privileged to listen to him. He shared his story from the days he used to intern for free to this time when he is one of the best in the world.. To all you young fellows that are just looking for money, please think about the future, get all the experience you can get, intern, intern as much as you can. You don’t have to intern everywhere, make a plan,  send applications to places that you know you will learn, where you will learn valuable things for the betterment of your life. Let me stop here, I think I sound to serious.

Well… My rest of the day ended with shopping, shopping, shopping!! Taking pictures!! Networking!! And most importantly ‘eating’.

I trust that GTB fashion weekend will be better next year…

Fashion in Africa is at a delicate point,  we are so close to breaking out into the global market. But…hey we need to break out right, we need to break out with the right direction, we need to break out and get our money😊 for the economy.

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