Copyright in Photography (FASHION)

Infringement in Fashion Photography has become a trend, the internet has made it easier for individuals to infringe on the right of photographers. In most situations, the individuals are unaware of the fact that they are infringing upon the right of a photographer and  sometimes the photographer is equally unaware that his right to his work has been infringed.

Copyright in Fashion Photography basically means that a photographer has exclusive rights of the image which he created. In simple terms, the person who pushed the button of the camera owns the copyright.

Copyright in Fashion Photography does not require any paperwork. The copyright inevitably applies once the work is fixed in a tangible medium. A tangible medium can be a hard drive, an online platform or a post on Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Hey Photographer, you have rights, yeah but there are exceptions. Don’t go and sue the ‘world’ for using your work. If you are an employee as a photographer,  you don’t have an exclusive right over your work.

If you are not an employed photographer, then you have all the rights over your work depending on the contract made between you and your client. There are basic ways you can protect your work, your work does not need to be registered for it to be protected.

For instance, you can protect your work by inscribing the following; copyright (year) authors name/brand name. You might include the phrase “All Rights Reserved.”

The world is evolving and there are various ways you can protect your work, when someone uses your work without your permission, you can carry out the following;

 ● Request for a photo credit-  it is not a difficult task to give a photo credit. I try to give my friends the photo credit for taking my pictures when I post them on any online platform. So please make the photo credit demand.
    ● Allow the person to get away- no harm will be done if you allow the person to use your work freely. Be a cheerful giver..LOL
    ● File a Copyright Suit- Take the case to court, sue the person that infringed upon your right. You might be lucky if you have a valid case.
   ● Send an Email or Letter- Send a polite email or letter. Don’t be too nice in your letter, some people are just too stubborn.
Create and Protect!


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