The Fashion Legal Downer Series with Fadipe Oluwafemi

Everyday I get to meet people that inspire and challenge me on my understanding about various aspect of life. This week I had an interesting interview  with Fadipe Oluwafemi, the CEO of JUSTPHEMMY CREATIONS about the fashion legal downers.

What is your name and what is the
name of your brand?
 My name is Fadipe  Oluwafemi and I am the CEO of JUSTPHEMMY CREATIONS.

How have you been able to protect your designs?
-My Customers are fully aware of my style, when my designs are produced they always have my trademark, that is my logo. So basically,  I have protected my designs with my trademark/logo.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge faced in the Nigerian Fashion Industry?
-There are many challenges we face here as fashion designers but the worst of them all is the electricity and the exchange rate which is really affecting us, because most of the fabrics we use are not manufactured here in Nigeria, we order them from foreign countries in order to get quality fabrics.

As a designer, Have you been faced by any legal downer in relations to theft of your intellectual property, and how did you address the problem?
-Hmm… I don’t think this has ever happened to me, in the case of the theft of my intellectual property, if this happens, I will see it as a fan of mine who really likes my design and I will feel appreciated .

What do you feel the Nigerian Fashion Industry needs and how can it promote your business?
-well I think the government can provide more companies manufacturing quality fabrics or even find the little ones we have. The issue of electricity is pretty serious, electricity  should be distributed equally and not that some places are neglected,  some areas have electricity 24/7 and also there are places that hardly have light. Imagine everyday I fuel my generator morning to night in order to work.

There is definitely hope for the fashion industry in Nigeria, once the problems are addressed.  Last week I attended an interview for a law club, and I was asked a question which made me think. The interviewer said: “You have a great interest in fashion law and you have identified the legal problems but what practical solutions can you offer to make the industry better?” It is not enough to identify a problem, solutions have to be provided.

The Africa fashion industry has a lot of potentials, it is clear that the fashion industry does not have a defined system. The problems faced balls down to the fact that the industry lacks a lot of necessities, but with time I believe the fashion industry will get better. A developed fashion industry  can be a boost to the country’s economy.  If you have a practical solution for the industry which can be applied by individuals/designers kindly drop a comment

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