We all have a fashion ALTER EGO

Where are all the fashion slayers, stylists,bloggers,designers,stylists,
fashionista? I need you all here right now. The fashion alter ego is related to every fashion consumer.

My constant readers might have observed that most of my blog post topics are usually questions, but today I am stating that “we all have a fashion ALTER ego”, if you have an alternative opinion, ‘holla’.

I am sure you are wondering what I mean by ‘fashion alter ego’, wonder no more.
“What is an alter ego?
What is fashion? You have your answer.”
I am just messing with you, I am in a good mood so I will be giving you a definition.

A fashion alter ego is a second/An alternative sense of style/fashion which is distinct from a person’s original sense of fashion/ style. You know those days, you don’t feel like going out. As the super hero that you are, you have to go out to save the world and being a fashion conscious fellow, you want to look good but you can’t stress to look good at that point, that is your fashion alter ego kicking in, so you go out in that lazy Jean.

We have all been there even the constant fashion slayers, don’t let anyone lie to you we all have the fashion alter ego.  You just have to know how to control the fashion alter ego, even when you dress down look dressed up.

Looking good is good business, you are your first marketable product, so always create a lasting first impression where ever you go.

I will be giving you three ‘top secret’ tips on how to control your fashion alter ego. They include;

Proper Wardrobe Management- when you know what you have, you will not have the issue of turning your wardrobe upside down only to pick your alternate fashion wear. Arrange your clothes, fold your clothes in proper way.

Select your Outfit- Before going out, take your time to pick your outfit. Dont start your outfit search ten minutes before going out. If possible, pick out your outfit the night before.

Make a conscious effort- Don’t wear that lazy jeans. Try as hard as you can not to succumb to your fashion alter ego. It isn’t easy but just make an effort.

Own your fashion alter ego, control it. Don’t allow it control you.

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