An Exclusive Interview about The Legal DOWNERS faced in the Nigeria Fashion Industry.

The month of July has been all shades of awesome. The wait is finally over, Game of Thrones season 7 is out. I am sure that half of the world population anticipated the return of “winter”, I know I did. I almost made the decision to take a break just for Game of Thrones but then Fashion Law has my heart.

This week I had an exclusive interview with  a  young talented designer, Ajani Seyi, CEO of JANICUTS Fashion House. It was an interesting session and I definitely gained  knowledge from his experience.

What is your name and what is the full name of your brand?

-I am Seyi, Ajani Seyi. The name of my brand is JANICUTS Fashion House, we are into unisex casual outfits.

How have you been able to protect your designs?

-People steal designs, it has not been easy to protect my designs, I have made conscious effort to tackle the theft of any of my designs. I have been able to address the issue to an extent in my immediate environment but for places that are quite far, it has not been easy to address the issue.

What do you feel is the biggest legal problem of the Nigerian Fashion Industry?

-The Nigerian Fashion Industry is still growing, like the music industry.  The major problem faced by the Nigerian Fashion Industry is the system, there is no defined legal system but with time things will get better.

As a designer, have you faced any legal downer in relation to the theft of your intellectual property, and how did you address the problem?

-Yes, there was a time I created a design for a group, I sent the design to the group in order to get a confirmation  for me to go ahead with the production. The group did not contact me, later on I found out that my design had been produced. The group did not get any permission from me. I addressed the issue by talking to the head of the group, after a lot of talk, we reached an agreement and I got a certain amount for my design.

What do you feel the Nigerian Fashion Industry needs and how can it promote your business?

-The Nigerian Fashion Industry is lacking a number of things. If the power supply becomes steady, then that will solve a lot of issues. The fashion industry needs textile industries in the country that will produce good quality fabrics. The government should make efforts to promote made in Nigeria products by organising trainings and granting loans. Proper training  will result to an outstanding level of craftsmanship.


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