Is it ok to copy designs as a Fashion designer?

Shout out to all the copycat fashion designers, that duplicate other designers design  and then rock them on the runway, I have a simple advice “Be Original”. The art of fashion designing is all about originality. There are quite a few fashion designers in Africa that have original designs, designers like; Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Deola Sagoe, Nana K.Brenu, David Tlale and so on.
In fashion,  the same colours and styles are applied by most designers, what can make a design unique can be tricky. I am an upcoming designer and sometimes I get my inspiration from other designers’ design. It is not a crime to get inspiration from other designers work but it is a crime to make a replica of a designer’s work, then call it your own.
It takes a lot of effort to create an original design and very few designers put in so much effort to make an original design. Many top and upcoming  designers have been caught in the web of copying other designers’ work.
 Copying might seem really difficult to avoid for various reasons. For instance, your client might be adamant and might want a design with no alteration, as a designer, you should know how to advice your client. I remember a client  who asked me to make a replica of a particular outfit made by another designer, it didn’t seem right so I told the client to contact the other designer if she wanted that exact design. protect your Image protect your brand.
Coincidentally similarities might look like copying, fashion designing is based on evolved designs so there really is no new design under the Sun, just designs with alteration. Fortunately, the law recognises the difficulties which the fashion industry faces in this regard. Copying a design can be a serious  offence under the copyright law. Copyright is a legal right created by law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for it’s use and distribution.  Every designer should be able to create an original work, be original don’t be a copycat.
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