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How to Casually wear Blazers

How to Casually wear Blazers

One of my favorite piece of clothing is a blazer, you style it differently, in a formal or casual way, the choice is yours. Today I will be talking about how you can style your blazer casually. You don’t have to have all the clothes in the world to look stylish always in a blazer.  They are a lot more versatile than something you will pair with a trouser or a skirt, I love wearing blazers, there is always this chic sophisticated vibe. Get one that fits right and apply this AFL Style tips while rocking your blazer.

  1. You can rock your blazer with a pain top, your denim your sneakers, if you wish, you could accessorise your outfit with a scarf a turban or the classic red beret which has been trending.
  2. You can equally look classy and casual with your blazer by wearing it with a short, a patterned top or a plain top or a crop top, sandals or a chic slippers, the key item is the shorts, you can play around it in your blazers.
  3. You can totally rock ripped jeans with a blazer, it totally makes the ripped jeans look more classy than distressed.
  4. You can decide to wear a short dress under your blazer, and you can rock it with sneakers, a stiletto, sandals, again you can play around with this, have fun with it.
  5. Don’t be afraid to play with a colorful blazer,  you can blend them with various neutral colors.
  6. A blazer looks great on a loose boyfriend jeans
  7. You can also rock a fitted blazer wearing denim on denim
  8. You can rock your blazer with a short pencil skirt and a crop top. If you want to look even more casual you could wear a skater skirt

You can have so much fun while wearing a blazer, a blazer with a good fit makes a total outfit look exceptional.  Get yourself a good blazer today.

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