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What you need to complete your look in 2018(headpiece)

What you need to complete your look in 2018(headpiece).

  • The turban trend

When you hear the word “turban” the first word that might come to your head is “northern” but turbans are totally taking over the market, scarfs are totally fashionable but turbans are like chic scarf like caps which you don’t have to wrap around your hair. Turbans can be worn casually, formally, informally etc.  There is always this chic look when a lady rocks a turban right. I never used to be a fan of turbans until I came across turbans made by abaya lagos. These turbans are a must have and people are definitely rocking them. I had to get myself a couple of turbans made by abaya lagos. They are chic, elegant and classy. You totally need to get yourself one.

  • The beret trend

The red beret trend can be dated far back but then wizkid brought it back, celebrities and various individuals have made the red beret an important item in their wardrobe. Now there are also the beaded berets, the beaded berets I totally find chic, and it should be a must-have for anyone who is fashion forward.

  • The Ankara scarf trend

Ankara scarfs as at the early 2000’s totally didn’t seem stylish and it was believed to be for the African mother, but  Ankara scarfs in 2018 are making waves. Ankara scarfs are worn formally to offices, informally to occasions and casually to dates. It has become very vital. You can dress down and the Ankara scarf will make all the difference.

  • The headband trend

Various sports companies are recognised for providing headbands and at a point, it was important to have at least a nike headband, the good old days but now various headbands are created and they are made in a chic way, head bands have become a trend and they are mostly worn casually.

  • The face cap trend

Face caps have always been in vogue. It is a piece that would always remain relevant. In the year 2018, you totally need to get yourself a face cap if you don’t have one. They always come in handy.

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