The Work Place Fashion Statement

It can be difficult to know exactly what is ok to wear in a new work environment. Mastering this tricky part of work is crucial for long-term success. How can someone dress in a way that follows company guidelines, reflects their personality, makes a statement, and ultimately promotes success? If you want to be taken seriously in whatever industry you’re in, then you’ve got to dress appropriately.

What you wear to work can make a huge difference, not just to how you’re perceived, but to how you feel. What we wear shouldn’t affect how we feel at work. But the truth is, it does, you don’t want to be distracted by discomfort. The first step is finding pieces that fit well so you can focus on the work at hand. The importance of a dress code for professionalism varies somewhat by industry. However, the correlation between the two is generally strong.

It is primary to learn the company dress code as soon as possible. Most companies cover this in an employee handbook, so speak with a supervisor or HR representative to get updated information. Once you know the dress code, be intentional. Some practical tips for professionals as they building their workplace wardrobe includes:

  • Make sure your clothes fit perfectly.
  • Invest in smart accessories. whether it’s shoes or a nice computer bag.
  • Always look polished and professional.
  • Be modest. It is most important to get attention for great work rather than gaining attention for wearing the latest fashion.
  • Be comfortable. This applies to the fit of your attire and the comfort of the shoes you wear. Comfort needs to trump fashion in the choices made.
  • Be mindful that basic etiquette must accompany appropriate attire. Appropriate attire must be combined with basic business and professional etiquette. The two are intertwined and integrated when presenting a professional image of yourself and your company. First impressions and overall judgments about people are formed by the way they dress.

Be reminded that first impressions are everything.

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