The importance of Fashion…

I had the privilege to understand the importance of fashion at a very early stage, having four fashionable sisters and a designer as a mother. I am a fashion enthusiast and I believe every individual in the world should be a fashion enthusiast.

it hurts when I meet individuals that believe fashion is not vital. I have heard an individual  say ”  The Concept of fashion is not important and should not be given attention“. After a long conversation with the person and a good defence I am sure I changed his perspective.

Fashion is constant in the daily lives of humans. Humans in the world have to make a decision everyday on what to wear and trust me that is fashion. Fashion is not about the fanciest clothes, it is simply about the way you want to express yourself by what you wear..

Fashion is very vital..Quick question: how long does it take before a new born baby is dressed? I don’t think a baby lasts four days before getting a pair of socks. Some individuals have the idea that fashion is not needed but fashion is a basic need of Life. The idea of fashion is applied by every one in the world knowingly or unknowingly.

According to Muiccia Prada, “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” The clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, your health and overall confidence. The way you look is the first impression  people have about you. When going for an interview, an individual will want to create a good first impression because there is a hint of who you are by what you wear.

According  to Dov Charney , “ fashion is the interplay of the necessary versus the unnecessary, the need to protect ourselves and the need to decorate oneselves.” Fashion can be simple glamorous in both ways fashion is very important and it is life enhancing.
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