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Recently, I gained knowledge about a very interesting area of intellectual property law. This area is applied in the protection of designs in fashion and other aspects of designing and it is known as the Industrial designs.

An industrial design is any combination of lines or colours or both, and any three dimensional form, industrial designs include fabrics like the Yoruba  popular  Aso-Oke , the Ghanian kente fabric, jewelries, bags, shoes, clothes and so on.

make up by House of Rheevo

  Legally, industrial design is the title granted by an official authority to protect the aesthetic or ornamental aspect of a work. Basically, industrial designs increase the beauty and commercial value of a work.

It is very essential to protect an industrial design, protecting an industrial design is the reward of creativity. It ensures the protection against unauthorised imitation of the design.

A very vital question might arise at this point: ” why should I apply the industrial design law, when I can make use of copyright law?” The prerequisite for the protection under industrial design law can also be protected under the copyright law.

A Designer can get protection from the industrial design law and the copyright law, claims under both laws can be made. When a designer is protected under one of the laws then the designer cannot raise the other law when making a claim.

Copyright protection lasts longer than the industrial design protection. Nevertheless, the right conferred by the registration of an industrial design is an absolute right.

It is  very important to register your design as a designer under the industrial design law. When an industrial design is registered, the designer gets an exclusive right of the work/product.

Promote your creativity by protecting your design…

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