The future of the Africa Fashion Series with Kennedy Ansah.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Kennedy Nana Kofi Ansah Frimpong, Founder and Creative Director for Afri-Ken by Nana. Afri-Ken is a Ghanaian based fashion brand that deals in ready to wear, gowns,couture and bespoke pieces for women,as well as statement pieces for men.

How long have you been in the fashion business?What challenges have you encountered so far?

Afri-Ken by Nana has being in existence for eight (8) years and through these years, some of the challenges the brand has faced include Labour (machinists) , capital for sustaining the businesss, clientel and marketing.


What do you think needs to improve in the fashion industry in your country?

In my opinion, I believe in my country the business aspect of fashion has to grow because it has been limited to just talent.  Secondly, our industry needs massive support from the Government in terms of travel and exhibitions.

Do you think the fashion industry in your country need a legal structure?

Currently, the law has no place in Fashion,and yes,there is the need for a legal structure to support the fashion industry in Ghana. This will not only provide strong legal protection for originality but also regulate the other sections in the Fashion Industry.

What is your favourite process in your fashion business?

My favourite process would be production, as the brand seeks to pay attention to detail to the satisfaction of our clients. Careful selections of fabrics as well as embellishments and all other bits of the clothing is important to us in bringing forth couture pieces that are exclusive to our clients.

What inspires your designs?

Afri-Ken by Nana is inspired by the fusion of Western and African cultures to produce statement pieces that are of Classic Style and Fit.

How have you been able to protect your designs?

No , not yet.  Working on it as well.

Where do you  see your business in ten years from now?

Into the future, Afri-Ken by Nana will continue to be a trailblazer in the Fashion Industry and is looking forward to reaching out to other parts of the world with Africa in mind. Instilling knowledge about Fashion and Design to upcoming Fashion lovers is also another action in the pipeline hoping to be executed in the near future.

What is the place of fashion in Africa?

Fashion in Africa has evolved over the past couple of years  and everyone is excited about the destination much more because of the authenticity and potential of our fabrics. Knowing and understanding how our fabrics work has gradually shifted the global attention to Africa in terms of Fashion and Design and the outcomes so far has been positive.

What do you think the fashion industry in your country lacks?

What the Fashion Industry in Ghana currently lacks is the Structure. The existence and proper function of a structure to hold the Fashion Industry in Ghana down will put out all the wrongs. This alone is going to set Ghana out when it comes to Fashion because of the numerous creative minds in the country. This will also make available much more better opportunities which hitherto were absent.

What advice do you have for young fashion designers as regards the management and promotion of their business?

My advice to the Young and Upcoming Fashion Designers is to develop a signature that works best for them and enjoy themselves while at it. The zeal to grasp the opportunity and actually learn all that there is at mastering their craft must also be there. In modern times,everything can be accessed through the Internet. My input when it comes to promotion is to make good use of the various platforms that have been made available. This will help step up the game and also widen the market whereas people can actually access your pieces from any part of the world.

what other interests do you have?

I have interests in Photography. Talk of hobbies and I love swimming,reading,sight seeing and also watching films and shows related to Fashion.

business contact details

Atelier for Afri-Ken by Nana can be located at Gicel Estates, Block J2/24.

close to West Hills Mall

Facebook- Kenny Nana Kofi Ansah \ AFRI-KEN BY NANA

Instagram- @afrikenbynana

Twitter- @nanaafriken

Snapchat- afriken1

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