The Future of Africa Fashion- Production

“We are limited not by our ideas but by our potentials, not by what is created but by how it is created.”  I have witnessed and experienced this limitation. We are highly creative people in Africa, I have visited stores which have solely made in Africa items and they are always amazing.
A major problem with the African fashion Industry is production. Production is the process by which concepts are made into  marketable products. I took my time to ask some fashion consumers why they prefer foreign fashion companies like River Island, Zara, H&M, majority stated that they are certain to get good quality products that fit.
A particular fashion consumer’s point of view caught my  attention , she stated:
“The issue isn’t the creativity, the issues lies in the production process. In the sense that, an outfit can be produced exceptionally today, the next day that same outfit or another is produced by the same designer and it is horrible, lacks fitting or has a terrible finishing. I don’t think I should stress when I can buy a perfect outfit from a foreign store…”
It is impossible to separate production from the overall success of a fashion brand. It is a fact that production is a major problem for fashion SMEs  and  start ups. In order to carry out proper marketing, exporting, distribution, it is primary that we have a viable production system. This post is going to be brief and insightful, so take a seat and relax.
 The most important aspect of bringing a fashion product or collection to market is production.  For so many designers, it is appropriate to say that some have limited knowledge of what fashion designing and production entails, it is basic that a man cannot do what he doesn’t know, There there is a need for your product to be at a certain level. I hope you’re pondering now, ask yourself:
How can I improve my production system?”
I have made a proper research and I will be giving few tips on how you can improve your production system, they are as follows;
▪The Internet-  The internet has made life easier, you can take lessons online to improve your production process. As a young designer, it is advisable that you make use of the internet….watch and practice. I am fully aware not everyone enjoys taking lessons online, that’s ok.
▪Fashion Schools-  if the internet isn’t for you, maybe a fashion school is for you. Pick and attend a standard fashion school, you will get detailed instructions on how to improve your production system from a good fashion school.
▪Interning at a fashion house- through interning you are bound to learn a lot, the knowledge gained will help build your brand and improve your production system.
▪Sample Makers- you can produce a sample and use the sample as the standard for the bulk production.  While producing the bulk products, it is of great importance that you pay attention to every detail.
As earlier stated, just a few tips, try and practice or find way to learn a new process of production, that will really help.
It is primary to make sure production is secure before time and money is invested  in the design process and marketing cost.
The production process can be highly stressful and complicated. To reduce such stress or complication, it is best to hire a production manager.
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