In the year 2017, there was a major gist in the Nigerian Fashion scene about Davido  and Adebayo okelawal’s partnership in creating a collection. It was not just a gist because at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017, the collection was brought to reality. I am sure you are pondering:
What brought Davido and Orange Culture together?”
Well, my reply is simple, they understand the benefits of a fashion partnership.

In this age, fashion partnership  has become the order of the day internationally. Many Top fashion brands collaborate with celebrities, artists and sometimes other fashion brands in creating fashion products. These top brands collaboration include:  

Fenty×puma, Gigi Hadid branded hoodihoodie at Tommy Hilfiger, Maria Carey×MAC, Yeezy’s partnership with Adidas, Kenzo joining force with H&M, New York based Nigerian Artist, Laolu Senbanjo Collaboration with BVLGARI.

Fashion partnership has a lot of benefits,
You tend to wonder; what brought those two together? There is a chance that upon a partnership, a customer will have a different perception of the brands, various brands collaborate with other brands primarily to have a different perception.

For instance, Levi partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Art(MOCA) to give its identity an unpredictable age integrating street art into their denim designs, as result of the partnership with Levi, MOCA gained extra exposure and recognition.

Fashion partnership increases customer awareness, it is an effective branding and marketing strategy.  There is always the benefit of penetrating new markets, so many designers in the past have partnered with H&M to create fashion merchandise that are accessible to the general public.

Fashion partnership can have a postive effect in African fashion brands . This will bring about a wider market(better exposure and expansion).  There is a need to consider both local and global partnership, let’s think out of the box.
If as a fashion brand you have the goal to expand your brand not just in your country but in other countries there is a need for partnership.
Fashion partnerships are not restricted  to only big fashion brands, a fashion SME  can develop an effective collaboration if it finds the right partners to bring value to its image and vice versa.
Before jumping into partnership with another brand, you need to ask yourself:
Can I handle a partnership deal?”
Once your answer is affirmative, There is a need for a plan:
Set your objective
Search for a partner in line with your brand
Get a lawyer
Make a proposal
Send your proposal to your potential partner.
Seal  the deal legally 

It is a datum that the Africa Market is of great value. There is the need for a proper utilization of the market. Several other countries have taken a keen interest in trade, investment and other types of commercial strategies related to Africa.

It is high time that countries in Africa take a “keen interest” in its commercial strategies and that of other countries.

Action plans are required…

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