The AFL Review- Mai Atafo’s Heart Bridal Collection

Hey Fashion Lovers, I have a quick question for all my female Readers,
Do you ever wonder how beautiful you will look in your wedding dress?”
If your Answer is ‘yes’ Then this post is for you. I believe every girl has the desire to be the primary focus all through her wedding day. I know as a lady I have dreams of how amazing my wedding dress will be.
This review is for every girl that wishes to understand how to get the perfect wedding dress, the answer isn’t far at all, the answer is the Heart Bridal Collection by Mai Atafo. 
The collection is inspired by the Disney Story of Beauty and the Beast, in the past years various designers and brands have released exclusive collection inspired by the musical and Iconic Characters from the story.
According to Weddings by Mai Atafo on Instagram,
The story of Beauty and The Beast connects to our latest collection not because of (belle)her choice of yellow for a gown but because she followed her heart and fell in love”
The Heart Collection is primarily about following ones heart in picking a dress, don’t pick a spaceship dress because you want to please the world, pick a dress that makes you happy. The dresses in this collection were created as a result of heart decisions of real brides at the time they got engaged. Unfortunately, this decision changes because the dress is not conventional or traditional enough.
I believe this collection is daring. It is a collection for ladies who do not follow the norm. It is inspired by the bride who follows her heart when selecting her wedding dress without the constraint of “The church and a budget or the influence of friends and family.
In order to get a perfect wedding dress, you have to follow your heart.
“Decisions made with the Heart are made out of love and love is the one thing that drives everything in life, this collection is an ode to brides and an inspiration to others because I always #followmaiheart”- MAI ATAFO
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