Five steps to know that your denim fits you perfectly.

Denim pants have become a necessity, think about it, this is a piece of clothing which is practically worn all over the world. you can never go wrong with a perfectly fitted denim pants. Shout out to whoever created the denim fabric. There is a thing about denim when it fits, you feel it and when it doesn’t you are fully aware. I have four elder sisters who are fashion forward, as the last child I always wanted to fit in their clothes so I had my fair share of denims that never had a perfect fit but I never did mind but thinking back I am totally sure the denims were never comfortable but hey a girl felt like a diva.  A denim with a perfect fit is totally necessary in every girl’s wardrobe.

  1. If your jean is too tight, then sis it totally doesn’t fit, if you have to always unbutton your jean before you sit down, give that jean away and get your size.
  2. When there is an excessive bagginess at the waist and crotch area of your denim pants, then it isn’t your size. Don’t struggle to own it, take it out of your wardrobe.
  3. If your jeans wrinkle inwardly then the denim pants are too tight but if they wrinkle outwardly they are too big. Excessive wrinkles on a denim pants can ruin your entire look.
  4. Always examine the ankle and the crotch, excessive space at the crotch area clearly indicates that there isn’t a perfect fit, you can equally tell if your jean if the back inseam is at a particular side. Also if there is an excessive space at the ankle side, you need to reevaluate your size.
  5. Always check the position of the pockets, for instance, the front pocket of your jeans, you should not be able to see the outlines against your legs. The back pockets should not be on the thigh.

I have been in situations where I am totally in love with a pair of jeans even if it isn’t my size, it is always possible to get your jeans adjusted in a situation where you have a love relationship with the jeans. Always purchase what you are confident in, if you are confident in very tight jeans or a very baggy jeans, then please get what makes you feel confident.

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