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Why is my Unique Selling Strategy and How Can I Differentiate my Business From Competitors?

As a fashion brand/ business, competition whether fair or not is inevitable. Customers always
want to explore their options to satisfy their needs. This is where your Unique Selling Proportion
(USP) is of great importance. Your business’s USP is that feature or consideration that highlights the
benefits your product/ designs have been created for. It distinguishes your product amongst
others in the fashion market to attract potential customers. This differs from one company to
another. For instance, while Gucci’s USP is their unique craftsmanship, Meji Meji a Nigerian
streetwear brand USP is its vibrant color palettes and bold cultural streetwear. You must not
confuse your business’ USP with sales promotions such as a 10% discount Free shipping, 24/7
customer service, and your return policy. Although, it may include your USP, other competitors
also provide these benefits making these less unique.

  • Conduct Research on the USP of other competitors- why do people buy from them?
  • Identify your brand goals, mission and identity
  • Know your customers- How can you satisfy their fashion needs?
  • Determine the uniqueness of your brand.
  • Create your USP template/ Pitch – For instance, Nike’s UPS is their famous ‘Just do it’

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