The future of the Africa Fashion with Charles Obasohan

We had the privilege to have an interview with an outstanding young designer, Charles Obasohan, the CEO of Michael Charles group in Nigeria. Charles definitely gave us insightful answers. This is still “The future of Africa Fashion Series” seat back and relax.

 -Kindly give us a brief introduction about yourself and your brand?

The Designer(Charles Obasohan)

My name is Charles Ikponmwosa Obasohan, I am a graduate of Agric Econs and Ext. and i am a Fashionprenuer and the CEO  of Michael Charles Group. Michael Charles Clothiers is an African Exquisite Bespoke Brand with International outlook born out of the quest to satisfy the high taste and love for well-tailored bespoke menswear.

-What inspired you to go into fashion?


The zest to see people and myself dress well and comfortable and me being a key player in that regard was what inspired me to go into fashion.

 –What challenges have you encountered?
Primarily insufficient and skilled manpower, funds for projects etc.

 -What do you feel is the biggest problem associated with the fashion industry in Nigeria? Kindly proffer solutions


I feel the biggest problem is that intellectual property laws do not fully cater for the protection of the Nigerian Fashion

Another problem is that many designers focus more on brand awareness, forgetting that it doesnt equal sales. Young designers need to realize that investors will only give out their money where they see great potentials of return and not popularity.
In my own opinion, An effective solutions will be for FADAN and the Association of Tailors to consider partnership with the government agencies in charge
of copyright, trade mark, patent right to  work on the protection of the rights of designers.
   -What do you feel needs to be put in place for a better fashion industry than what we have now?
I think Fashion shows in Nigeria need to go accross all other states aside from Lagos. The big Fashion Show Sponsors should
incorporate the use of different location yearly.

   –Where do you see the fashion industry in five years from 2018?
Already the industry is making some significant ratio in the GDP of
Nigeria Economy, i see us going beyond 0.47% GDP in 5 years time.

 What do feel is the biggest legal issues related to the fashion industry in Nigeria?

  -Is your brand protected legally? If “yes” how and has such protection been effective. If “no” why?
If by legally you mean registered under CAC, yes.

What plans do you have for your brand in 2018?


I plan to realize my Debut Collection and get my Products to more than five boutiques in Lagos and Abuja.

 -Do you think our fashion industry is ready for international trade(export)? Are you ready for international trade?

lol, yeah! we are “over ready”, we have even started already.
Yes i am. any opportunity i get, i dont take it likely.

 -What words of encouragement will you give to the struggling designers in Africa.

Consistency and persistence. your brand may not be a known/household brand yet, but certainly, at the right time, it will be.

Thank you Charles!

The designer(Charles Obasohan)

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