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Do you ever have the feeling that you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is totally full, I have been in that position so many times. I usually result to making a new outfit, shopping or not even going out. Over time, I have realized I possess amazing clothes buried under other attires and when I find these stunning outfits, my constant expression is usually; “so I have had this in my wardrobe for this long”. I am absolutely aware that this is a problem everyone faces. Thus, I have come up with a certain solution which will assist you to know what you have, therefore you can enjoy all you have in your closet before considering going shopping. You need to do the following in order to own an appealing wardrobe;

Clear out your wardrobe- Take out all your garments from your closet, then sort them out.

Get your note pad and pen ready- While sorting your clothes, it is necessary to take notes of the items which will be going back into your wardrobe and the items which you will be purging out.

Get rid of some clothes– this is the difficult vital stage.

Don’t feel guilty, your aunt won’t know you got rid of the jacket she got for you that you never wore.

Get ready to let the following go

Attires that don’t fit

If you have a large wardrobe and your weight fluctuates frequently, you could have a closet for small, medium and large you but If that isn’t a choice, you need to get rid of those clothes that don’t fit. I know this can be a hard decision to make. You can do this!

Multiple Clothes

How does this even happen? Any idea? Well, I guess it is a habit majority of us have. You need your notepad when you are getting rid of clone wears so that you can prevent making the same mistake in the future. You think deep to why you bought the same t-shirt or dress. Please just get rid of the clones and keep one. If it is a regulated work or school outfit, ignore this.

The Comfortable House Clothes

The comfy clothes Which sometimes might not be in the best conditions(stained, torn, big etc). There is a need to get rid of these clothes in this condition. Calm down, I know I am threading a dangerous path saying you should get rid of your COMFY HOUSE CLOTHES, they are totally necessary but if they are in a bad condition, you need to get rid of them. You might disagree and state that no one can see you in those clothes. I am completely mindful of the fact that no one can see you except you. I believe you matter to yourself hence, you should look good while you look comfortable in your company. This will help you in so many ways. Just try it, get rid of the comfy clothes in bad conditions and thank me later.

Discomforting Wears

Why do you have an outfit that isn’t comfortable? You should keep clothes that you feel great in, you might have a certain attachment with that garment because of the price, the fabric etc. If it is discomforting, it is time you take out that piece from the wardrobe. For example, if you are conservative, you might never wear that see through dress in your closet because it isn’t comfy for you, so why do you have it? Go with what makes you comfortable.

Brand New Garments

There are so many people that have so many brand new clothes which they bought since the inception of time, which still have labels. They keep saying an occasion will definitely come, an occasion might come but if an occasion never comes, that piece will be in your wardrobe never to be worn until you break the love bond you have with the outfit. You can choose to get rid of that brand new cloth/dress or hey, maybe you will get an occasion to wear it to this time next year.

Clothes you formerly loved

We all have that piece which seemed amazing once upon a time, but now it is just out of place in your wardrobe. This is usually the easiest to get rid of primarily because at a point in your life you could not do without this piece and now you are totally over this piece. Clear this out.

Last but not the least, the clothes you don’t like or wear any more. This shouldn’t be hard clear this category of clothes out.

Make the decision today to clear out your wardrobe, the feeling is incredible. You can give the garments which you got rid of out to family or friends or to charity. Just make sure what you are giving out is in a good state, attires that are not in a good condition should be disposed or destroyed.

Now get your hangers ready and arrange your closet in an order which will be easy for you to access.


The key to owning the best wardrobe filled with the best clothes that fits requires you having a deep understanding of what your lifestyle needs, the activities you engage in, the people around you, the places you go, all these impacts your clothing requirements.

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