The AFL Review- Fashion Finest Africa(Theatre of Fashion)

The importance of fashion can not be over emphasized,it is vital in our daily lives, in movie, music and theatre production. I wonder what the world will be like without fashion.

On the 4th of March,2018, the fashion finest Africa had a unique fashion show which was tagged the theatre of fashion. Four designers, one runway, the show took place at an exceptional venue on the landmark tower, the ember creek. If you have not been there, you need to have an experience of the beautiful view.

The designers that showcased are four of the best costume designers in Nigeria;  Juliana Dede, Margret Henshaw Da Costa, Mojola Yetunde and Isaac Bassey.. The show was rich in culture, very colourful and innovative. It was definitely different  from the regular fashion shows.

In between the fashion show, there was a panel session, this session had on it professionals in costume creation: Ituen Basi  and the designers that showcased their collections. The panel session was highly insightful, Ituen Basi shared her story as a fashion designer, from how she had an early start from her school days in Obafemi Awolowo University and her growth process so far. The other designers in the panel session shared the importance of costumes in various industries.  I definitely learnt a whole lot.

Each collection had a story from the beautiful collection which depicted the Nigerian culture by Margret Henshae, to the collection related to pirates/mermaids  by Mojola  Yetunde, the Carnival collection by Isaac Bassey  and the colourful beautiful innovative work by Juliana Dede which also depicted the Nigerian Culture.

If you missed the show on the 4th of March, you missed a whole lot but make sure you don’t miss the Fashion Finest Africa show coming up on the 25th to the 27th of May 2018 at the Federal Palace Hotel.


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