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The 3 days global mentorship program by Africa Fashion Law was nothing generic but a bundle of insightful information coming right from the eminent personages in the Fashion Law Industry on a global basis. The session has not only helped me in having a clearer perspective towards unravelling my pathway into this niche field of Law but also giving me an opportunity to snatch a glimpse into the ever evolving field of Fashion Law.

Sunayana Subudhi

The Global Fashion Law Mentorship Program
I learnt so much. I got to discover the importance of other areas of fashion law apart from Intellectual Property Law, areas like Employment law, Mergers & Acquisition and Property Laws. I also learnt about important interview tips and qualities a lawyer should have. The session with Louise Firestone was truly delightful and I can’t wait for the next session

Simisoluwa Adesanya

The AFL Fireside Chat on The Career Path of a Fashion Lawyer
It was an interesting and enjoyable program definitely. Getting a chance to interact with such well-known personalities of the Fashion Law sector is more of an honour for which I'm truly thankful to Africa Fashion Law.

Namrata Bhowmik

The Global Fashion Law Mentorship Program
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