Fashion branding strategy and equity

In the past few weeks, I have been working on something interesting in relations to fashion branding which I will share soon, I am pretty excited! “Fashion branding again” some might say.  Yes, my people, fashion branding again, I am still on the fashion branding gist because I am interested in your fashion business attaining maximum success and to attain maximum success your business needs a flawless branding strategy.


In branding it is primary that every action you take, the little details created, every step you make is deliberate and if you are a fashion start-up company or a business taking a bold step to rebrand, I am here for you to make the journey smooth and easier. The greatest companies in the world are always intentional about every decision they make as regards their branding strategy and I believe as a creative entrepreneur it is primary to have that same vibe. I will call it the “the global vibe” interested in the global vibe? keep reading!

Your branding strategy is your business unique selling point, it is what differentiates your brand from the competition. This strategy is derived from your business goals, the impact you intend to make through your business, the perception you want your clients to have about your business. In creating your brand, your customers/clients are very important because without customers then your business won’t exist, to an extent it is always vital to consider your target audience needs and what they would want from your business.

In creating your brand strategy, it is necessary that you consider your brand advertisement, product distribution, marketing, brand management, brand communication and so on. A consistent strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity, this primarily means the added value brought to your company’s product or services that allows you to charge more for your product than what identical, unbranded products command. The added value intrinsic to brand equity frequently comes in the form of perceived quality or emotional attachments. For most fashion products termed as luxury, brands like Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Nike, Style Temple, Mai Atafo, KathAnthony and so many others, it is not just the creative feature of the products which sell the products, the existence of a brand equity plays an essential role. The brand equity is priceless!

The branding strategy is very key in creating your brand, once you have created a branding strategy, here are some things you need to put in place;

  • Create your vision and mission statement
  • Create a branding message- identify the key messages you want your brand to communicate to your costumers and your employees. Create a voice that represents your brand whether visual or written. It is primary your brand message is consistent.
  • Select a company color- every color has a meaning, before picking a color make sure you understand the color meaning and how your brand will be depicted through the color of your choice
  • Get a great logo- a simple mark which would pass across every message of the brand.
  • Create a standard for the brand- In marketing, in your sales, in your customer service, your product packaging, in your creating business relationships it is important you set a a brand standard for your business. Always visualize your business in the highest state, even though you are not at that point yet, visualize and create that standard.
  • Develop a tagline- that relates to your product or your service, something memorable and meaningful like ‘Just do it’ for Nike
  • Create a brand plan- this plan will cover necessary steps which your brand will take every month with consideration to the brand’s advertisement, marketing, sales and so on. This will help keep in check the branding impact and the brand equity of your company.
  • The brand protection- The best protection you can apply in your fashion branding is the trademark protection, in protection your brand through the trademark laws there are so many benefits and in applying this protection it is necessary you create a strategy (gist for another day)
  • Take deliberate actions- In creating a brand, there is an essential part of delivering your brand promise to the customers and creating a reliable line of products and services. Your brand must be reliable and trustworthy.

I hope you enjoyed this article, kindly drop a comment!

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