Fake or Original; what’s the difference?

A couple of days back I was having a conversation with some friends and an interesting topic popped up as regards how some fake products are actually originals of some high/luxurious fashion brands. It might seem false but it is definitely a fun fact.

The founder of Alibaba Jack Ma made headlines some years back when he addressed the subject of counterfeit goods. Speaking at the Chinese e-commerce behemoths investor day, Jack Ma made certain statements about fake Chinese manufactured products which was deemed to be highly controversial.

He stated;

“they are of better quality and better price than the real names… they are made in exactly the same factories, with exactly the same raw materials (as authentic goods)”

As at 2016, this statement was seen to be highly political in nature because the brand Alibaba was facing intense inspection for the presence of counterfeit products on its e-commerce platform.

In a report this week by Jing daily,

“while many brands are actively struggling to clear counterfeit items from Chinese e-commerce sites,” Chinese tech giant Netease and one of its e-commerce business, Yanxuan, are doing something interesting. They are working directly with the manufacturers for high fashion brands to produce garments and accessories that in some cases look a whole lot like the real brand but lacks the brands name or trademark.

For further research visit-www.thefashionlaw.com.

So, hey your fake outfit might just be original and your original outfit might be out in the market for a cheaper price but just lack branding. it is both alarming and interesting that certain fashion tagged counterfeit of fake may just be a fashion product which lacks the brand identity of the luxurious or high fashion brand.

This fact does not disprove the existence of actual counterfeit fashion products. Counterfeit products can be categorized into the following; vanity fakes which are low perceived value products, overruns or copies made from left over material, condoned copies made by other designers of fashion houses and copies made by the fashion houses themselves. (source- www.acgp.pk)

While working on this article, I thought to myself; “why buy original products for a high price, when you can just get the same product for a lower price?”

Personally, I feel a primary reason might be for the brand value. The brand identity of certain brands is highly treasured and being identified with such brand trademark or trade name can be a big deal sometimes.

Kindly drop your comments, I would love to know your take on this. And what you think about this fun fact.

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