Designer gives out a bride’s reception Dress to Mercy Aigbe…

Welcome to the year 2018, we all made it, how exciting is that? I hope you took your time to thank God because I definitely did.  I woke today telling myself this year will be drama free,  I guess I was speaking for myself because some people stepped into 2018 with drama.

Some hours back, a bride called out a Nigerian renowned designer Maryam Elisha popularly known as Rikato by Me for giving out her wedding reception dress to the Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe for her 40th birthday shoot.

It is clear in the picture above that the bride and the designer had an agreement. According to the bride, she purchased a fabric from  @bshani_bridalfbrics for 48000naira and she made a 50%down payment to Rikato by me, The dress was meant to be delivered on the 26th of December 2017 but the designer failed to uphold her own end of the contract.

The bride suffered great emotional distress.

The bride & her husband

In her words

“….I went on IG yesterday only to see @realmercyaigbe wearing my dress with the same fabric I bought and she tagged the same designer @rikatobyme. How much did she pay you to disappoint a bride on her wedding day? You are heartlessly wicked and you will not get away with this @rikatobyme”

It is clear that Maryam Elisha breached the contract between herself and the bride@rettypety on IG.

When a party to a contract, whether oral or written fails to perform any of the contract terms, they may be found in a breach of contract. There are many ways to breach a contract;
●Providing inferior goods or services
●Failure to fully complete the job
●Failure to deliver goods/services

The law offers a variety of remedies designed to make the injured party whole again. The remedies is not designed to punish the breaching party but to return the injured party to the position she would be if the breach had not occurred.

To be successful  in a breach of contract law suit, there are certain elements that must exist;
●A valid Contract

The breach of contract must change the outcome of the contract in a fundamental way. If the aggrieved  party (the bride) can prove that the breach was an intentional attempt to mislead or defraud, the court in a breach of contract law suit may order the breaching party to pay an additional monetary sum as “punitive damages”. In any award of damages for breach of contract, the court is likely to order the breaching party to pay the legal fees and expenses of the aggrieved party.

Fashion Customer contracts are very important, once an agreement is made with a customer, it is expected  that the fashion business owner or designer does the needful by upholding such agreements.

At this point the designer’s Instagram account has been made private.


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