Careers in the Fashion Industry.

The opportunities in the fashion industry might seem streamlined to fashion designing, modelling, or fashion styling. There is so much more to the fashion industry, as a fashion lover who is interested in the business of fashion, there is a long list which you have to pick from.

Sit back and relax! Here is a list of fashion jobs which you might consider;

▪Fashion Publicist

Publicists work with fashion labels and retailers to build a strong brand profile and public image,  by building relationships with editors, journalists, influencers, and celebrities to make sure that their client stays in the public eye. publicists are tasked with getting their brands the most press for the money. Publicists do this by convincing actors to wear their client clothes on and off the red carpet, by working with product placement companies to get their brand featured in films and TV shows, and of course introducing their designer to style influencers who will talk up the brand to the public in magazines, blogs, and TV appearances.

▪ Pattern maker

Pattern cutting is a technical skill that requires detailed knowledge of garment construction in order to translate a design into a credible prototype garment. Most pattern cutters or maker work closely with designers to interpret a design from a sketch or working drawing.

▪Fashion illustrator

Fashion illustrators work with designers, art directors and for retailers to create visual images or banners of clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, and other accessories. They create magazines, advertisements by using computer-aided design (CAD) software. They do everything like sketch, paint, pastels and pencils to oils and computers to convey the designers or directors ideas clearly. Some fashion illustrators work with animation, color, and sound to accompany visuals, while others actually develop the designs and patterns that they illustrate.

▪ Fashion Blogger

DO you love writing and do you love fashion? The opportunities to report what’s happening in the world of fashion have never been greater, create a blog or a vlog and start creating consistent contents. Magazines are expanding their online presence and hiring bloggers to report up-to-the minute news. You can also write for e-commerce sites, PR firms, or trade publications.

▪Fashion Photography

Everyone loves a good picture, if you are thinking about a fun job in fashion then Photography is the way to go.

Photographers need to understand the camera and its settings like a machine lover but also enjoy beauty and its finesse like an artist.

If you have the combined skills of an artist and a cameraman, go for it and start clicking pictures.

The fashion industry is always in the search for good photographers who can click pictures that impress the onlooker’s eye.

▪ Makeup Artist

The job of a make up artist is very essential in the fashion industry,As with hair stylists, fashion and media makeup artists work with designers and editors to create a cohesive look for a brand or story.

Apart from working with designers, or at fashion events, a make up artist works with individuals to improve/enhance their appearance.

▪Nail Artist


Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. Nails are an important part of our personality . Women can be found carrying trendy polishes on their nails as a simple style statement which completes the total idea of fashion. there are acrylic nails, 3D design accessories and even crystal nail decorations. So there is a wide variety of nail art that can be used to make those nails look hot and happening. There is no end to imagination and what can be done with this kind of art for nails. The job of a nail artist is a creative one and if you love to paint and create amazing designs then you can consider this as a career.

▪Hair Stylist

In today’s world, image counts for a lot, and your hairstyle is a vital part of how people see you. With so many functions and meetings to attend, we always want to have the perfect style for each occasion, which is why most fashion conscious people have their own personal hair stylist.

Styling hair is an art, and finding the right artist is an essential thing.

▪Shoe Making

Shoes are important because feet are how we get around. If our feet are comfortable, protected, and well-supported, we can walk or run farther, stand longer, and do more of the things we need to do.

If you are a lover of shoes then you can acquire skills on shoe making. Shoes complete the total look of every outfit. It make all the difference in a fashion statement.

The careers in the fashion industry are numerous and endless.. Once you decide to take up a career in fashion, make sure you get all the trainings in the world which you need and never stop learning because new innovations/trends are created everyday and it is important you are up to date.

Be consistent-consistency is primary, as you learn everyday, you definitely will get better.

Network!Network! Go out, meet people in the sector you hope to work in and Intern with the very best in that sector.

Step out today and make your dreams come true!

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