Africa Fashion Law Talk with Magdalena Niewelt

Some days back, the AFL team made a new friend, she is an attorney, a tourist, a fashion lover and she is a fashion law expert.
She would be the first person we would be having an interview with for the launch of the “Africa Fashion Law Talk”. The Africa Fashion Law Talk entails a whole lot. Let’s keep the interview simple.

We had an amazing discussion in relations to fashion law, she is Magdalena Niewelt, she is an attorney at the chamber of Attorneys in Katowice, Poland.

Like I said; i will be keeping it simple, let’s go into the interview, there is so much every fashion entrepreneur can learn…

How is the weather in Poland?
Lena-  The weather is good, spring is coming.

Tell us about yourself

Lena– My name is Magdalena Niewelt. I am an attorney. I finished law studies at the University Of Silesia in Poland. I finished my doctoral studies in intellectual property. I am an attorney at the Chamber Of Attorneys in Katowice.

What created your interest in Fashion Law?

Lena-  As a teenager, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I finished law school. However, the love of fashion continued. I noticed how many problems designers have.
I went for  the New York Fashion law symposium with Susan Scafidi in 2014 and it was a great experience. Also in 2014 I was in Florence, at a conference Union Internatoonale des Avocats about Fashion and design. Also in 2014 I was in Florence, at a conference Union Internatoonale des Avocats about Fashion and design.

The legal issues faced by designers is really different from the norm,  how do you think the law can cater for the fashion industry?

Lena- I believe the law can help designers a lot. Maybe we need to think about international regulations to reduce the problem of copying.
How important is the legal aspect in a fashion business?

Lena- I think that the law is very important in the Fashion business. We have to remember about the production of clothing. In many countries there are violations of employees’right. Models do not have contracts. They travel around the world without a work visa. Then there arę problems of copying, counterfeits, fast fashion and many violations.

What advise do you have for Fashion SMEs that do not see the importance of the legal aspect of fashion?

Lena- it is irresponsible, don’t choose to be irresponsible.
In life, value is very essential and before anyone can accept a concept, there must be value, what’s the value  fashion law has to offer to the fashion industry globally?

Lena- I believe that the law offers the legality of action, the opportunity to develop people and businesses.
What do you think the future holds for fashion law and the fashion industry?

Lena-  Fashion has a global reach. There should be lawyers who know the specifics Of the Fashion industry.

Apart from fashion law what other aspect of law do you have interest In?

Lena- Definitely intellectual property rights! I am the chairwoman Of the intellectual property law practices section.

The importance of fashion law can not be over emphasized. Thank you so much Lena!

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