AFL REVIEW- 360 Creative Hub (A coworking space for Fashion designers)

In various part of the world, coworking spaces has become a necessity. There are various coworking spaces for various industries in Africa and in Nigeria.  The Nigerian Fashion Industry became one of those industries(with coworking spaces)recently as a result of the rise of an innovative fashion company referred to as the 360 Creative Hub.  I told myself I had to do an AFL review on my visit to the 360 Creative Hub.

This company has made it easier for designers, it is a coworking space for designers. When I say co-working space I mean, it is a place where designers can work in, creating collections or making outfits for customers.

The 360 creative hub is an innovative platform that gives entrepreneurs and designers access to their own private space where they can dream and create. The office is fully equipped in the highbrow area of Surulere in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The co-sewing space helps you find inspiration and create your own designs with access to sewing machines and workshop tools at your disposal.


I am sure all the designers are pretty excited, the 360 creative hub is for every designer. You might be wondering; “This is totally innovative, who came up with this amazing idea?” Wonder no more. The founder of the 360creativehub is Mrs Achu Blessing  Ebere, she has over a decade  experience in entrepreneurship and Business sector in Nigeria’s Telecommunications sector.

With over 10 years experience, Mrs Blessing has successfully  developed and implemented sales and marketing plans that aided the acquisition of major accounts. Her love for Fashion and her understanding of the need of the fashion industry in Nigeria led to the crration of the 360 Creative Hub, which aims to fuel fashion advancement through Technology.


The 360 Creative Hub has a great  atmosphere and is very comfortable, the 360 Creative Hub team is made up of really amazing individuals, I had the pleasure of meeting every one during my visit.

As a designer, if you are having an issue in regards creating your designs, you need to pack your fabrics, your linen, everything you will be using to the 360 Creative Hub at Ogunlana Drive, Surulere Lagos. 360 Creative Hub makes it easier.

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