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We tailor our solutions to your needs as a creative entrepreneur, taking into primary consideration the distinctions of the fashion industry and your business objective. AFL Community.

Past Events

The Creative Legal Clinic

The Creative legal clinic is geared towards providing 15 mins free consultations to creatives on important legal subjects which includes; Business Structuring, Intellectual Property Protection, Consumer Protection Rights, Employment & Labour Laws and several important subjects. In the capacity of providing legal clinics, we have partnered with several organisations to provide free consultations for their communities. These organisations include; Fashion Finest Africa, The Lagos Leather Fair & The Source Textile & Apparel Show

The Global Fashion Law Mentorship Program

The Global Fashion Law Mentorship Program is equally an initiative of the Africa Fashion Law which aims to provide mentorship and Internships for law students and professionals interested in fashion law. In the capacity of hosting The Africa Fashion Law, we provided internship for students in Aluko & Oyebode, Brand Counsel, The International Fashion Law Association, Legal Desire


“First, I will like to point out how HELPFUL Annie has been in the setting up process of my company. I am literally a ‘newbie’ in this fashion thing and after each session I had with her, I always feel loaded! Apart from how patient she has been, she is very good at what she does. The whole team in fact! They answered all my questions, gave me useful insights and helped me with required information to get started as a fashion entrepreneur They explained every single thing to me like I was a toddler and they ensured I understood The business plan and financial projection are really detailed and even in years to come, I can always refer to them The entire experience for me was a VERY GOOD one and I will definitely recommend. Worth the pay, worth the time I signed up for this as a novice and I’m way better than that now due to their expertise Thank you, Annie and the entire team”

Ibukunu Akinkuotu

“The Africa Fashion Law team enlightened me on how to set up my company properly and legally. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me comprehensively.”

Ologun Segun Emmanuel CEO, Lujo Wears