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How to distribute your fashion product/service

A fashion business is like any other business; thus, the process of distribution is very paramount in every business. Distribution essentially is the means to spread …

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The fastest way to organize your wardrobe


Do you ever have the feeling that you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is totally full, …

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Styled by Mel- Custom High End Fashion



Styled by Mel is a fresh chic styling brand, the stylist behind this interesting brand is Melinda, this highly talented …

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Copying in fashion


Copying dates back to the beginning of the fashion industry. The idea of copying has been accepted by many …

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How to Casually wear Blazers

How to Casually wear Blazers

One of my favorite piece of clothing is a blazer, you style it differently, in a formal or casual way, the choice …

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What you need to complete your look in 2018(headpiece)

What you need to complete your look in 2018(headpiece).

  • The turban trend

When you hear the word “turban” the first word that …

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Five steps to know that your denim fits you perfectly.

Denim pants have become a necessity, think about it, this is a piece of clothing which is practically worn all over the world. you can never go …

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How to look amazing to work everyday

I have had my fair share of a 9- 5 job and I know it can be so demanding, as a lady there is the need to …

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Africa Fashion Law Talk with Mr Sola Oyebade


Behind every fashion show, there is always a team that makes the show a reality. Today  I had the privilege of …